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The benefits of learning Martial Arts at Sky Martial Arts Center

Martial arts offer an opportunity for self improvement in every way. Through practice one not only develops personal strength and fitness, but mental strength, confidence, and courage can be developed as well. Here at Sky we focus on training both the mind and body respectively. With the confidence and courage that comes with learning self-defense, comes the the respect and self-control of a true martial artist. Come join us and unlock the true potential of your body, mind, and spirit!


What you or your child will learn with us

While practicing new curriculum for each belt level students learn new techniques through TaeKwonDo forms or poomse, self-defense through Hapkido, board breaking techniques for developing focus and power, and various kicking techniques to test your balance and core strength. While studying the curriculum for each belt level, masters and instructors demonstrate and teach our core values of Respect, Self-Control, Wisdom, and Courage.


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Sky Martial Arts Center prides itself on fun, structured classes taught by professionally trained instructors in a safe and positive environment. We have programs designed for the whole family, from as young as 3 to 60 years old.

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